How to Create a Stunning Holiday Tablescape

How to Create a Stunning Holiday Table

December 8, 2023

Elevate your holiday gatherings with a beautifully curated table that blends warmth and style. Our expert designers have put together tips to create a festive holiday table that will leave a lasting impression.

Set the Ambiance with Creative Candles

Step away from traditional tapered candles and embrace the allure of a textured alternative. Opt for candles in warm white or evergreen tones to add a cozy, intimate glow to your table.

Consider these fluted pillar candles, twisted tapered candles, or tree shaped candles for a touch of elegance and a departure from the ordinary.

Creating a Holiday Tablescape Tree Candles
Greenery & Fruit: Nature’s Touch

Transform your table into a lush landscape with the addition of fresh greenery. Lay a foundation of fresh garland through the center of your table runner for an organic, timeless touch. 

Take it a step further by incorporating vibrant fruits like pomegranates or dried oranges to seamlessly blend nature’s bounty with the holiday spirit. 

Create a striking arrangement with layered pomegranates and fresh greenery, adding both texture and a burst of color.

How to Create a Stunning Holiday Tablescape - Greenery & Fruit: Nature's Touch
How to Create a Stunning Holiday Tablescape
Plaid Accents for Holiday Elegance


Infuse a sense of classic charm into your holiday table by incorporating plaid accents. Choose plaid napkins, or introduce a plaid runner or tablecloth for a cozy and festive look without relying on typical holiday motifs. 


Target, Zara Home, and Williams Sonoma offer stylish options, ensuring your table exudes timeless elegance. Embrace the versatility of plaid, as it effortlessly complements various color schemes and adds a touch of sophistication to your holiday setting.

How to Create a Stunning Holiday Tablescape - Plaid Accents for Holiday Elegance
Craft your Signature Holiday Ambience


As you integrate these creative elements, your holiday tablescape will take on a personality that resonates with the joy and warmth of the season. Experiment with different combinations to strike the perfect balance between tradition and individuality, making your dining space the focal point for unforgettable festive celebrations. 


Cheers to creating precious holiday memories around a warm and festive table!

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