Love the Homes You List

February 5, 2024

As a seller’s agent, beautiful listings aren’t always handed out on a silver platter. It’s easy to look at other agents on social media listing dream home after dream home and think, “How do they do it?!”

Being a top agent isn’t about leaving things up to chance. The best agents create their own success. So, what do you do when a client wants to list a property that needs a bit of TLC (or much more), and they’re set on getting top dollar or selling fast? Rather than trying to skirt around those listing liabilities, use the opportunity to turn problems into solutions.

From regular wear and tear to outdated designs, we know how to transform any house into a home buyers will love. And the best part? We do it without those typical renovation headaches.

Well-loved and Lived-in Homes

Regular wear and tear is pretty much unavoidable. But worn out floors and chipped paint aren’t any reason to settle for less than top dollar – especially when the solution doesn’t come with a high price tag or huge time commitment.

A fresh coat of paint, refinished floors, and hardware swaps are simple, yet effective solutions that breathe new life into a space. This is great for homes that have a good layout, but just need a little spit and polish to attract buyers.

Sellers With Specific Taste

As a realtor, it’s common to encounter homes with such unique designs that it becomes challenging for new buyers to envision themselves living there. Buyers often lack imagination and can be less inclined to consider a home if it doesn’t align with their tastes or appears excessively outdated.


The good news is that there are straightforward remedies to maintain a home’s character without compromising its value. Swapping vibrant colors for more subdued, neutral tones can instantly enhance a home’s appeal to potential buyers. Another effective transformation involves replacing bulky, outdated lighting fixtures with timeless pieces.


Incorporating these changes not only revitalizes the look of a space, but also makes it more appealing to a broader audience. It’s about preserving a home’s unique charm while ensuring it aligns with contemporary tastes and preferences.

Renovation Sells Living Room Before Renovation Project Photo
Renovation Sells Living Room After Renovation Project Photo
Denver Dining Room Renovation 2023 by Renovation Sells After Photo

Functionality Fails

Inefficient spaces are a common issue for homes on the market. When touring a home, buyers are trying to envision where they will put their cherished belongings and a lack of functional storage space can be a major turnoff.


The good news? Creating space efficiencies is simpler than you may think – especially when working with a design expert.


Add extra shelving to a mudroom for more storage, level off a countertop for an open surface, or incorporate a bit more cabinetry in the kitchen where you can. These small changes can make all the difference for homebuyers.

Renovation Sells 2023 Mudroom Before Project Photo
Renovation Sells 2023 Mudroom AFTER Project Photo
Jeff Spiker Canyon Rd Basement Renovation Before
Jeff Spiker Canyon Rd Basement Renovation After

Bringing Buyers’ Visions to Life

Having an all-star renovation team on your side doesn’t have to only benefit your sellers. When a buyer sees potential in a home with a dated palette or unfinished space, our team can work with them to maximize their new home’s potential quickly so it’s move-in ready and tailored to their taste.


While you’re under contract, we’re already at work designing the home of their dreams. We’ll start construction as soon as you get your keys, and are typically finished in just a few weeks, so buyers can enjoy their new dream home without living in a construction zone.

Vanessa Zoerb Salem Ln Kitchen Renovation Before
Vanessa Zoerb Salem Ln Kitchen Renovation After

From addressing wear and tear to updating outdated tastes and inefficient functionality, there is no home that doesn’t have the potential to be a listing you love. By understanding the unique needs of each home and the neighborhoods we serve, our team can take what may seem like an obstacle and turn it into a selling point. 

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Love the Homes You List

As a seller’s agent, beautiful listings aren’t always handed out on a silver platter. It’s easy to look at other agents on social media listing

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