How to Sell This Spring

How to Sell This Spring

February 28, 2024

Amidst the hurdles that real estate faced last year, there’s optimism in the air for 2024. In a recent statement, Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac, shared his confidence, anticipating a bustling spring home-buying season, surpassing the activity of 2023. This encouraging forecast brings a wave of hope to realtors, homeowners, and eager buyers navigating the ever-evolving market.


While the low inventory presents its own set of hurdles, the dips in interest rates show promising signs for growth in home sales. In the face of these challenges, there are actionable steps agents should be taking now to ensure your listings are primed for the anticipated spring demand.

Create Digital Curb Appeal


In today’s digital age, an online presence is essential for reaching prospective buyers. Homebuyers start their search online, so high-quality photos and engaging, detailed descriptions are crucial to making that great first impression. 


Investing in a skilled real estate photographer who can capture a property’s unique features is key to setting your listings apart. Take it a step further with presale updates and professional staging. This not only helps potential buyers envision themselves in the space but also ensures your listings are move-in ready.

Include a 3D Home Virtual Tour


Beyond ensuring your listings are physically and digitally appealing, incorporating an interactive 3D home virtual tour or floor plan can elevate your online listing experience and keep you current in our ever-evolving technology-driven world. This dynamic feature not only provides potential buyers with a comprehensive view of the property but also enhances engagement, resulting in increased page views and saves.

Create Digital Curb Appeal

Stay Current with Market Trends


Keep a pulse on market trends and fluctuations in inventory, interest rates, and buyer preferences. Stay informed about emerging neighborhoods, new developments, and upcoming amenities that can influence buying decisions. 


The design team at Renovation Sells are experts at renovations that are tailored to market-specific trends while maintaining mass-market appeal. Agents who work with us are able to create listings that captivate homeowners with their unique beauty while offering a versatile canvas for personalization.

Offer Renovation Solutions


While renovations are a powerful way to help sellers maximize their home’s potential and stand out in a competitive market, having a reliable renovation partner can also be a huge asset to your buyers looking to enhance their new home before moving in.


Renovation Sells specializes in fast, hassle-free renovations that can increase a home’s value and expedite the selling process. From minor updates to full-scale remodels, our team of experts provides a turnkey solution that allows sellers to command top dollar and buyers to create the home of their dreams.

Limor Kolt Chickering Parkway Kitchen Renovation Before 3
Limor Kolt Chickering Parkway Kitchen Renovation After 3

Spring 2024 presents a wealth of opportunities in the real estate market, and Renovation Sells is here to support your success. By incorporating strategic renovations, elevating your online presence, and staying current with trends and technology, you can position your listings for a prosperous season. 

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How to Sell This Spring
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